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Poly-L-Glutamic Acid(PGA)

Specification: 30%TC&25%SP

Function and how does it work



Increase drought resistance and water retention, promote preservation of vegetables and flowers

PGA contains large numbers of hydrophilic group,can enhance the soil hydro-captor,and enables PGA to work effectively against drought in dry regions.


Root-system promotion

PGA has many electronegative,can effectively block the combination of SO42- ,CO32- ,PO43- ,C2042-,Ca2+,Mg2+ in the fertilizers,so that the crops can better absorb mineral elements in the soil,and promotes the development of root system and synthesis of proteins.

Improve coloring

PGA can increase photosynthesis, increase fruit pigment accumulation,  make crops bright in color.

Enhance crop's growth,has obvious effects on production increase

PGA can effectively adjust Crop's genetice expression, and controls endogenous hormone,promotes the generation of plant growth hormones; Besides, PGA can better increase the content of chlorophyll and improve photosynthetic rate.

Improve the micro-environment and activate soil

PGA integrates plant's nutrition and live water within the soil to increase crop's stress resistance.

Improve crop's capacity against disease and adversity

PGA integrates plant's nutrition and live water within the soil to increase crop's stress resistance.

Acts as fertilizer synergist and slow-releasing agent

PGA slowly releases nutrients from solid into liquid, and forms a skin on surface of the fertilizers,the release rate coincides with the absorption rate,which greatly increases fertilizer utilization.

PGA is a good surfactant to pesticide, herbicide, insectifuge

PGA is a natural anionic polymer,with very good surfactant feature for zwitter-ion,also it has a special viscidity, as a result,PGA has very good suspension and solubilization effect on crop surface nutrients.

Green and Environmental-friendly, no toxicity

PGA is Bacillus-subtilis fermented product, it contains some active living microorganism to improve the activity.

  Increase drought resistance and water retention            Improve the micro-environment and activate soil   





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