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Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt)
Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt)
Specifications:  50000IU/mg TC;32000IU/mg WP;16000IU/mg OF
Application Range:
Target crops---Recommended for use in vegetables, fruit, maize, rice, cotton, small grain cereals, soybean, tobacco, and peanuts and in forests, orchards or for general tree care.
Function: Target pests
1. Vegetable insects: Cabbage worms, such as cabbage looper, imported cabbageworm, diamondback moth, and tomato and tobacco hornworm.
2. Field and forage crop insects: European corn borer (granular formulations have given good control of first generation corn borers) cotton bollworm and Alfalfa caterpillar, alfalfa webworm.
3. Fruit crop insects: Leafrollers and Achemon sphinx.
4. Tree and shrub insects: Tent caterpillars, fall webworm, Leafrollers, Red-humped caterpillar, Spiny elm caterpillar, Western spruce budworm, Pine budworm, Pine butterfly.
How does it work:
Stomach poison function.When Bt is devoured by pests,its active ingredient ICPs will be dissolved by alkaline intestinal juice at midintestinal juice at midintestine, then hydrolyzed to be active toxin by proteinase, expand and punch midintestine epithelium.


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