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CAS NO: 9012-76-4
Appearance:White to light yellow, free flowing powder
Solubility : Insoluble in water, soluble in dilute acids
Biodegradability: Easily bio-degraded
Toxicity: No toxicity, environment friendly.
Advantage and Function:
1. Treat Seeds
Chitosan can be used as treating agent on grains and vegetables, it can increase seedlings germination rate, enhance young seeds disease resistance, promote crop growth, increase crop yield.
2. Enhance plant disease resistance
It is found that Chitosan has antifungal activity, its derivatives Chitosan oligosaccharide also has this effect.
3. Improve soil quality
Use Chitosan as additive, it can reduce harmful fungi and nematode effectively , enhance soil capacity of providing fertilizer, improve soil quality.
4. Improve crop quality, increase yield
Chitosan can improve crop quality, increase yield, return crops natural taste, easy for storage and transportation, also reduce pesticide residue.
5. Increase fertilizer availability
Chitosan has such properties, viscous solution and easy film formation. Its strong film formation function can delay release of fertilizer element, reduce nutrients loss, increase fertilizer availability.
6. Kill Nematodes
Mix Chitosan with suitable carrier, it can be made into effective natural pesticide to prevent from nematodes.
7. Keep fruit and vegetable fresh
As a natural fresh-keeping agent, it has good film formation and certain selective and infiltrating effect, reduce vapour loss, inhibit fruit from becoming putrid.
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Note: Chitosan and Salicylic acid  can be formulated in a certain proportion as a new Nematicide. More details, please contact our team.

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