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Salicylic acid
Salicylic acid
Physical & Chemical properties:
White crystal powder, soluble in water
How does it work:
Salicylic acid is a phenolic hormone which can regulate plant growth, plant photosynthesis, 
transpiration, absorption and transportation of ions. Salicylic acid can also induce plant cells 
differentiation and generation of chloroplasts.
Salicylic acid is also used as endogenous signals involved in resisting plant pathogens, 
by inducing tissues to generate pathogenesis related proteins, other parts will occur resistance 
when part of plants are infected. By forming the volatile methyl salicylate, this signal may be transferred 
between different plants.
Suitable to vegetables, fruits, tobacco, food crops and etc.
Function & Advantage:
Low concentration of Salicylic acid effectively enhances synthesis, improves production and quality.
Including disease resistance, heavy metal and metal salts stress resistance, extreme environmental resistance.
3.       Improve coloring
4.       Improve fruits storage
Spraying Salicylic acid can reduce the amount of male flowers of cucumber and induce the formation of female flowers.
8.       Inexpensive
Salicylic acid is cheap and the dosage is small, which can be widely used in mass cultivation.
9.       Non-toxicity
No pollution to the environment and safe to livestock and humans. It is an ideal product for green agriculture.
10.     Easy to use
Salicylic acid can be used directly melting in water. There is no harm to plants with high concentration.
1. For specific crops and usage of guidance, please contact us.
2. Pay attention to the dosage to prevent unnecessary waste.
3. Do not eat and do not use on human bodies.

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