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Specification1 x 1011cfu / gr, 2 x 1010cfu / gr

Function and how to work
1. Resist disease: It has competitive advantage,resistance effect, bacteriolysis,and can induce plant stress resistance.bacillus subtilis
2. Improve coloring: It can improve coloring and urge the crops to an earlier date maturity, increase yield, and improve quality.
3. Increase fruit setting: It can promote photosynthesis, is conducive to the flower and fruit retention, increase the fruit setting rate.bacillus subtilis
4. Promote plant growthIt can fix nitrogen,phosphrous, potassium, and promote plant's absorption of N,P,K .
5. Promote root hair growth: It can make dead soil alive, increase ground temperature, and improve the utilization rate of fertilizer.
6. Improve drought resistance, harm resistance and other stress resistanceInduce plant stress resistance.bacillus subtilis
7. Improve soil environmentIncrease soil nutrients,enhance soil respiration and soil urease.( an enzyme has great influence on the urea transformation in soil and the utilization of urea.)


Good preventive and therapeutic effect to the rice blast; powdery mildew, gray mold of watermelon, cucumber, strawberry, tomato and many other plants; potato late blight; sclerotinia rot of soy bean and colza; foul foot for melon and corn plants; cotton verticillium wilt; watermelon fusarium wilt and so on.bacillus subtilis


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